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Annadānam at Kataragama

Devotees wait in queue for annadanam at Kathirkamam
Devotees wait in queue for annadānam at Teyvanai Amman Devasthanam

In times past there have been many annadānam madams in Kataragama, and even today one may savour food offered freely to pilgrims and general public by Buddhists, Hindus, and Muslims at Kataragama.

Just as in human society, where the lady of the house serves guests with food, so also at Kataragama it is the God’s eternal consort Śrī Theivayanai Amman whose madam feeds every visitor, regardless of from where they come. Because of this tradition, and because the Kataragama Esala Festival attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors annually, Śrī Theivayanai Ammann Madam today is Sri Lanka’s largest annadānam madam.

Śrī Theivayanai Amman Annadanam Sabha preserves the Devasthanam’s age-old tradition of serving annadanam to pilgrims from far off places. Most of the foot pilgrims to Kataragama rely upon Theivayanai Amman Devasthanam especially for their daily meals.

During the current Esala festival season, about 8,000-10,000 pilgrims daily enjoy tasty vegetarian lunches and dinners at Śrī Theivayanai Amman Devasthanam in addition to tea in the mornings and evenings. Even outside of festival times, the Devasthanam continues to serve annadanam the year round to devotees of all communities.

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