Annadana Murugan
Selva Sannidhi Murugan Kovil, Thondamanaru
Selva Sannidhi Murugan Kovil, Thondamanaru

Sannidhiyān Annadāna Āsramam, Selva Sannidhi

Mohan oversees annadanams at Sannidhiyan Asramam
Mohan oversees annadanams at Sannidhiyan Asramam
Sannidhiyan Asramam staff of thondars
Sannidhiyan Asramam staff of thondars
Selva Sanndhi kuttam 2004 departs for Kathirkamam
Selva Sanndhi kuttam departs for Kathirkāmam, 21 May 2004

Revered as Sella Katirkāmam of the North, Selva Sannidhi Murugan Temple at Thondaimanāru is situated about twenty miles north of Jaffna. Here too, as at Katirkāmam, a free non-agamic environment for worship pervades the place, persons of various creeds and castes congregate here for darshan of the Vel installed at this blessed cannitānam (Celva Cannidhi). The waters of Thondaiman Āru, a tÓrtham where fresh water flows into the sea past the site, elevates the location to a sthalam, blessed with the triple adjuncts of tÓrtham, sthalam and mūrti.

Ce. Mohandās, better known throughout Jaffna as Mohan, has been cooking and serving annadānam to devotees of Selva Sannidhi Murugan since 1955, when he joined Mayilvahanam Swami's Ānanda Āsramam at the tender age of five.

Sannidhiyān Āsramam, as Mohan's annadāna madam is called, has become more than just a madam that serves annadānam. For it also houses Sannidhiyān Press, which publishes Sannidhiyān monthly journal in Tamil for devotees of Selva Sannidhi Murugan. Sannidhiyān Āsramam also hosts regular events, like devotional lectures by distinquished speakers, readings from the Kanda Purānam, etc.

Annadānams at Sannidhiyān Āsramam are still served in the traditional fashion, ever since Ramana Maharshi instructed young Mayilvahanam Swami to return to Jaffna and serve the Lord's devotees with annadānam. To this day, Mohan continues the tradition of serving annadānam exactly as it is still done at Ramana Āsramam in Tiruvannamalai, with sumptuous meals served upon plaintain leaves in a hushed atmosphere to a never-ending stream of devotees both rich and poor.

Murugan Bhakti invites you to consider making your viruttam to feed any number of the Lord's poor devotees at Selva Sannidhi Murugan Kovil. US$0.25 only will provide a sumptuous vegetarian meal. For US$100 only, you can feed 400 devotees. Mohan and and his staff of Murugan adiyārs are recognized as the best throughout Jaffna. Indeed, the best annadānams in all of Sri Lanka are offered to Selva Sannidhi Murugan at Mohan's Sannidhiyān Āsramam.

Ce. Mohandas, in charge
Sannidhiyān Āsramam

Sannidhi Theru
Thondamanaru, Jaffna district, Sri Lanka
Phone: +94 21 226 3406

Sannidhiyan Asramam bank account:

Account No. 7342444
Account holder: Ce. Mohandas
Bank name: Bank of Ceylon
Bank branch: Point Pedro, Jaffna district, Sri Lanka

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